The client is always right… right? We have all heard this phrase over and over, but does it really apply to a client who is planning a complicated marketing strategy with many moving parts? Does it apply to a client who has no knowledge of  technology? My resounding answer is “ no, no, and no.” I have worked with medium size companies that do exactly this. They are so interested in avoiding conflict or friction with their clients they knowingly produce poor quality work that will ultimately fail the client. I understand we live in a service oriented world, we take great pride in servicing our clients. One of the joy’s of working with a small marketing company is you get a lot of attention. However there is a difference between servicing your clients and giving them exactly what they want when what they want is inappropriate. I think many companies are so needy, so happy to keep the money rolling in ,  that they will produce inferior work as long as the client is happy. This method of doing business may last for the short term, however eventually your client will become educated and realize you are not offering the best quality you can provide. In my 20+ years experience developing digital strategies ,  I have learned that if you don’t have some disagreement  with your client from time to time you are not doing your job properly. This disagreement tells you a few things. First  is that you are educating your client about best practices when they ask for things that do not follow reflect the best way to proceed. Second, this conflict creates a dynamic  that helps establish respect in the business relationship. My clients respect me more when I say ‘no’ to them, and provide give them with well thought out reasons why for saying no. They have ,in fact , hired me to say “no” to them. My goal is to ultimately make them more money, or make the project better. So you will want to question an “ expert” who always says “yes’.